Monday, October 24, 2011


Weather stalls cold-water species stocking
PRATT — From Oct. 15 through April 15, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) stocks rainbow trout in select waters across the state. During this time, some waters stocked with trout require a $12.50 trout permit for all anglers 16 or older, whether they are fishing for trout or not (Type 1 Waters). Other waters require a trout permit only for anglers fishing for or possessing trout (Type 2 Waters).
Type 1 trout waters are Cedar Bluff Stilling Basin, Dodge City Lake Charles, Ft. Scott Gun Park Lake, Garnett Crystal Lake, Glen Elder State Park (SP) Pond, Kanopolis Seep Stream, KDOT East Lake in Wichita, Lake Henry in Clinton SP, Mined Land WA Unit No. 30, Pratt Centennial Pond, Sandsage Bison Range and WA Sandpits, Vic’s Lake and Slough Creek in Sedgwick County Park, Topeka Auburndale Park, Walnut River Area in El Dorado SP, Willow Lake at Tuttle Creek SP, and Webster Stilling Basin.
Type 2 trout waters are Atchison City Lake No. 1, Belleville City Lake (Rocky Pond), Cimarron Grasslands Pits, Ft. Riley Cameron Springs, Ft. Riley Moon Lake, Great Bend Veterans Memorial Park Lake, Holton-Elkhorn Lake, Hutchinson Dillon Nature Center Pond, Lake Shawnee, Salina Lakewood Lake, Scott State Fishing Lake, Scott State Park Pond, Sherman County Smoky Gardens Lake, and Solomon River between Webster Reservoir and Rooks County No. 2 Road, and Syracuse-Sam’s Pond.
Trout fishing at Mined Land Wildlife Area Unit No. 30 requires a trout permit year-round. Trout permits are valid for the calendar year, so permits purchased last January or later are valid through Dec. 31. All residents 16-64 years old and all nonresidents 16 and older must also have a valid fishing license.
The daily creel limit is five trout unless otherwise posted (two trout for anglers 15 and younger who do not have a trout permit). The possession limit is three times the daily creel.
While most designated trout waters in the state will be stocked with trout in time for opening day, the following waters will be delayed (see following text for details):
  • Cedar Bluff Reservoir Stilling Basin;
  • Cimarron Grasslands Fishing Pits;
  • Lake Charles in Dodge City;
  • Glen Elder Park Pond — second week in November;
  • Great Bend Veteran’s Park;
  • Kanopolis Reservoir Seep Stream;
  • Pratt Centennial Pond;
  • Rocky Pond in Belleville — second week in November;
  • Scott State Fishing Lake; and
  • Sedgwick County Park Slough Creek — low water.
Other areas may have to delay stocking, as well. Before a trout fishing expedition, anglers are encouraged to check for updated information on stocking of trout waters by visiting the KDWPT website, Type "trout stocking schedule" in the search box.
As of Oct. 10, the Cedar Bluff Stilling Basin had yet to experience fall turnover, which occurs as surface water cools. When this happens, dissolved oxygen levels in the water can drop, and it takes time for the system to recover and provide conditions safe for trout. Rather than risk a fish kill for newly stocked trout, biologists have decided to delay the stocking. Conditions will be monitored, and if the basin is ready, trout will be stocked in late October.
Trout stocking at Cimarron Grasslands Fishing Pits, Dodge City-Lake Charles, Great Bend Veteran’s Park, Pratt Centennial Pond, and Scott State Fishing Lake will be delayed, but the recent cool weather should allow stocking early during the week of October 17.
The Kanopolis Reservoir Seep Stream is currently laden with duckweed and filamentous algae, creating water-quality problems. The seep stream is closed to all fishing, with plans to stock trout in early November, provided conditions have improved.
Smoky Gardens and the Sand Sage Bison Range Pond are currently dry. Both will need precipitation before trout can be stocked.
The Solomon River above Webster Reservoir is not stocked in the fall, nor is it stocked each year. Stocking is dependent upon flows. In years when flows are adequate, stocking generally occurs in January, February, and March.
The Glen Elder Park Pond is not stocked in October. The first stocking of the season is scheduled for mid-November each year in order to allow time for the water to cool.
Trout permits are available at the KDWPT website, at KDWPT offices, and license vendors.

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