Monday, October 17, 2011


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Trout stocking delayed until early November
PRATT — On Oct. 12, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism announced the Oct. 15 opening of trout season with a news release outlining the rules, regulations, and areas that will be stocked with trout, including those waters where stocking will be delayed.

However, there was information indicating that the Kanopolis Seep Stream was closed to all fishing due to water-quality problems. This was in error. The Kanopolis Seep Stream is open to fishing although it won’t be stocked with trout until early November.

Anyone planning to fish Kanopolis Seep Stream for species other than trout before trout are stocked are free to do so with the proper licenses and permits. Kanopolis Seep Stream is a Type 1 water, so a trout permit is required of anglers 16 and older whether fishing for trout or not.

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