Friday, February 18, 2011


Season runs through Nov. 1; firearms may not be possessed
PRATT — Although beaver trapping season runs through March 31, all other Kansas trapping seasons and furbearer hunting seasons are over for the winter. However, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) reminds hound enthusiasts that the furbearer running season begins March 1. This is the time for furbearer hunters and their dogs to hone skills necessary during the furbearer hunting seasons.
During the running season, no furbearer may be legally killed or taken. In addition, it is illegal for runners to possess any firearm or other weapon while pursuing furbearers during the running season. Legal hours for running furbearers are 24 hours daily, and a furharvester license is required. The running season is open through Nov. 1.
Furbearers may also be run during the open furbearer hunting seasons, which coincide with trapping seasons.
KDWP also reminds furbearer trappers and hunters that bobcats and swift foxes must be pelt tagged within seven days of season’s end, which was Feb. 15. Tags should be kept with mounted specimens.
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