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Online video reveals all the secrets of catching the state’s favorite panfish
PRATT — A new video, Kansas Crappie Bonanza, will be released by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) on Feb. 17 to show anglers how to catch crappie throughout the year in the Sunflower State. Although this popular panfish is pursued most actively in springtime, crappie provide a great angling opportunity year-round, even through winter ice.
Both entertaining and educational, the 25-minute video shows basic fishing strategies for each season and provides ample advice and tips from crappie guides and fishing experts on how to catch crappie anytime. Although weather is incorporated into the different strategies, the video focuses on the fun of crappie fishing no matter what the weather.
Produced by outdoor videographer and photographer Gene Brehm, with assistance from the KDWPT Fisheries Division video committee, Kansas Crappie Bonanza will help all crappie anglers be more successful in pursuit of this abundant sport fish. On Feb. 17, the video will be available to view free of charge on the KDWPT website,ksoutdoors.com/crappie-video. A limited number of DVD copies of the video are available free on a first-come, first-served basis from district fisheries biologists and KDWPT offices.
Crappie can be found in most waters in Kansas, from large reservoirs to small farm ponds and streams, in both urban and rural settings. As table fare, many rank crappie among the best freshwater fish, and with a 50-fish per day creel limit at most lakes, honing crappie fishing skills is a great way to provide the family with a banquet fit for a king.

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