Saturday, March 8, 2014


Kansas congressman enjoys tour of popular wetland area
PLEASANTON – Senator Pat Roberts toured the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and
Tourism’s (KDWPT) Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area Saturday, Feb. 22.  The Senator spent about an hour and a half on the wetland area in Linn County, just north of Pleasanton.
Senator Roberts, his wife Franki, and a staff member met with Karl Karrow, area manager, to tour the wildlife area and learn more about the role it plays in the region. The Senator and his group visited several wetland units, including a new project on the wildlife area. 
“It was a great day in the field – nice weather, good company, lively conversation, and an abundance of wildlife, particularly waterfowl,” Karrow said. “We were especially lucky to see swans on two different wetlands.”
Spring migration is in full swing and KDWPT staff estimate about 5,000 geese and 40,000 ducks are currently present on the wetland area. Although the wildlife area’s French name translates into “Marsh of The Swans,” swans are typically uncommon visitors. Oddly enough, about 12 swans were present during Senator Roberts’ visit.
In addition to established marshes, the group also toured the site of a forested unit, or green-tree reservoir, which is still in development stages. Trees have been cleared from a narrow corridor to allow for construction later this year. The 75-acre impoundment, dominated by bottomland hardwood trees, will be flooded with shallow water in the fall to attract mallards and wood ducks. The area will be drained in the spring before trees break dormancy. The unit will be open to hunting.
For more information on the Marais des Cygnes Wildlife area, contact Karro at (620) 432-5047 or

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