Monday, July 8, 2013

Planning Deer Hunts on Public Land

Over at, our highest traffic page for quite some time has been the one on Missouri Public Land Hunting.  The page was born as a result of some frustration in researching Missouri

Conservation Areas.  Essentially. the deal was that the setup by MDC made it rather difficult to find what you needed.  As a result of a similar experience, I am just about done creating a similar resource for Kansas hunters researching public land options in their state.

About a week away from rolling out the page, I have a couple of comments about what I have learned in using the KDWPT site.  First, there is a ton of information available.  However, from my perspective it is not always as well organized as it could be so that a hunter can find what he or she needs easily.  In fact, many of the links to webpages that are supposed to lead the user to Wildlife Area pages are dead links.  With some research, I have found that the pages are still active, just not properly linked to KDWPT's main site.

The idea behind the page will be that a hunter can look up what what public hunting areas are available, either by Region (Kansas divides the state into 5 regions), or by County - and they can do all this off of one page.

One observation I must make is that Kansas has a decided lack of public hunting ground in comparison to Missouri.  The main focus of our main site is to provide information to outdoorsmen and women about getting into the outdoors at a reasonable cost.  The Knasas hunter who does not own land , have land leased, or does not have connections to get on private ground will really need to do some initial research to find quality public land hunting experiences.

My goal with the design of this page is to assist Kansas hunters in having this quality hunting experience.  The outdoors CANNOT be left to only those with a fat wallet.  Despite some limitations on public land resources, I believe that any hunter willing to do the initial online reserach, followed by on-the-ground scouting, can gain this experience.  I believe this page will help hunters in this endeavor.

I will post on this blog when the page is complete - hopefully in the next week to assit hunters preparing for the upcoming hunting season.

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