Friday, June 21, 2013


Bullfrog hunting can be a great way to spend a summer night, as well as fill up on good eats

PRATT– Kansas bullfrog season is almost here and for some, this is a special summer treat. From July 1-October 31, hunters of these four-legged amphibians
can enjoy both an evening’s entertainment as well as a meal that is anything but ho-hum. All that's needed is a flashlight, a sack, a pond, and some stealth.

Considered by some as a delicacy, frog legs have a taste and texture that resembles a cross between shrimp and fish. A popular way to cook them is to dip the legs in egg and then into a mixture of flour and corn meal, seasoning salt, and pepper. The legs are then fried to a golden brown and served up hot.

While bullfrogs may be taken by hook and line, dip net, gig, bow and arrow, or crossbow (firearms not allowed), many froggers prefer to take them by hand. The best method is to walk quietly through the water at night and shine a bright light along the bank until a pair of glowing eyes appear. Temporarily blinded by the light, frogs can be grabbed or netted.

The daily creel limit is eight, with a possession limit of 24. A valid fishing license is required for any person to take, catch, or kill bullfrogs, except persons exempt by law from having such license.

For more information on bullfrog season, visit and click “Fishing / Fishing Regulations / Bullfrogs.”

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