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Student organization to hold banquet and dinner April 29
MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University Ducks Unlimited chapter (KSU DU) has recently been recognized as a “Sweet 16 Collegiate Chapter” by Ducks Unlimited (DU), placing them in the top 16 among 100 collegiate chapters nationally. DU adopted the NCAA Basketball Championship terminology because the announcement came during the recent tournament in March. The K-State chapter has more than 20 active committee members who hail from all parts of Kansas, as well as Texas and Missouri. Since the beginning of 2010, this chapter raised more $10,000 for wetland conservation.

“Chapters are ranked by the dollars they raise, and the highest-ranked chapter automatically wins,” says chapter spokesman Scott Alexander. “There are no upsets in this bracket. The only prize for making the Sweet 16 is being acknowledged in Ducks Unlimited, the national organization’s magazine. There’s no award ceremony, just pride and bragging rights.”

On April 29, KSU DU will host a dinner banquet at Purple Wave Auction Group in Manhattan. The doors will open at 6 p.m., with dinner at 7 p.m. and a live auction following.

“The chapter would strongly encourage everyone to come out and support their alma mater, the ducks, or both,” Alexander says. “Chances are there may be a young man or woman on the committee from your home town who would also appreciate your support. The K-State DU chapter is looking to make a run at the “Elite 8” for 2011, and a successful fundraising banquet would help that effort. The chapter is also looking for more committee members from the K-State student body.”

"The true reward for our efforts as a college chapter is knowing that we are contributing to DU's efforts and are helping to ensure that future generations can experience waterfowl migrations at least as numerous as what they are today," adds chapter president Patrick Mellard.

Those who are able to attend or have questions about the event should contact Mellard at

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