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Busy deer seasons, lack of funds curtail service during January antlerless seasons
TONGANOXIE — With the help of hunters, meat processors, and private donors, Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (KSHFH) has been providing thousands of meals to those in need, but this year, the service will stop at year’s end. Because KSHFH's entire deer processing budget was used to process large numbers of deer donated in the early months of deer season, they will not be able to accept deer during any January whitetail antlerless season.
“It would take an estimated $15,000 of end of the year financial donations to cover the short but productive doe seasons,” says KSHFH director Tony DeRossett. “The program uses hunter harvested deer to supply meat to more than 140 food pantries across the state, and we’ve used our budget for this year.”
Just one deer can feed nearly 200 hungry people in the state. In 2009, 1,010 deer were donated through KSHFH, providing nearly 225,000 meals.
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