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Hunters, meat processors, food banks provide meals to poor; KDWP offers $2 donation option with permit and license purchases
TONGANOXIE — With the help of hunters, meat processors, and private donors, Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (KSHFH) annually provides thousands of meals to those in need. Just one deer can feed nearly 200 hungry people in the state. In 2009, 1,010 deer were donated through KSHFH, providing nearly 225,000 meals.
The Kansas deer firearm season — Dec. 1-12 this year — is the busiest time for the organization. Hunters donate hundreds of deer and occasionally an elk or even a bison. The organization supplies meat to nearly 100 food banks across the state through cooperating meat processors.
The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks makes supporting this important program easy. When outdoorsmen and women buy licenses, permits, or stamps, they can donate $2 to fund the program, which the agency collects for KSHFH.
To find the nearest meat processor involved in this program, go online tokshfh.org and click on "Lockers." If you plan to take big game to a locker, be sure to contact them as soon as possible after harvest.

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